Biographical Sketch of Dr. Erton Edwin Poynor

May 10, 1881 – November 11, 1930


Erton Edward Poynor was born May 10, 1881 in Berryville, Carroll County, Arkansas.  “He was born into a family of respected doctors and druggists.  His father as well as several uncles were doctors.  His father, Dr. J.W. Poynor was an 1888 graduate of Missouri Medical College in St. Louis.  His father also had a half interest in a drug store in Green Forest, AR for a few years.  His uncle’s drug store in Berryville still holds the Poynor name.” 1

Erton Poynor attended the legendary Clarke’s Academy in Berryville, and while he was a student there he met his future wife, Ona Ruth Callen.  After graduation from Clarke’s Academy, Erton enrolled in the Arkansas School of Medicine in Little Rock.  Erton appears in the 1900 U. S. Census with the occupation of physician and living in Osage, Carroll County, AR.  Erton and Ona were married July 1, 1902 in Carroll County.  Per the 1906 American Medical Directory he was licensed to practice medicine in 1903 and graduated from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in 1904. In the same 1906 AMD he was practicing in Marble, Madison County.  In the 1909 AMD he and his father were both practicing in Osage, Carroll County.  In the 1910 U. S. Census he and Ruth were parents of two sons, Clarence and Jack.

The Carroll County Medical Society elected Dr. Poynor vice-president in 1911.  In March of 1913 he moved his family from Osage to Green Forest.  “He is a young man of excellent character and stands well with the medical fraternity.” 2  A few months later Dr. Poynor was appointed health officer for Green Forest.  “What we want to say about Dr. Poynor is that his heart is just exactly right and his liberality is everything that the most exacting could expect in matters of pushing the town and country to the front.  This is the addition of such citizens as Dr. Poynor during the past year or two that has put progressiveness so far in the ascendancy in Green Forest that nearly everybody is getting the spirit.  Dr. Poynor is responsible for a little more than our Booster’s share of it.” 3

In June of 1917 Dr. Poynor was examining physician for the Green Forest military detachment and was called to active duty in November.

The 1920 U. S. Census for the Poynor family now includes two daughters, Francis A. and Pauline.

After 27 years of practicing medicine in Carroll County, Dr. Poynor agreed to move to Stilwell, OK and take over management of a 10 bed hospital established in 1924.  He did return to Carroll County on several occasions to perform major surgeries.

On November 11, 1930, while attending a physicians convention in Louisville, KY, Dr. Poynor died of what was believed to be heart failure.  “The entire town and community was shocked Thursday morning to learn of the sudden death of one of our leading citizens.  E. E. Poynor, who has enjoyed a practice in surgery and therapeutics here for the past four years.  Included in his family is a wife, two sons, Jack and Clarence, and two daughters, Allene and Pauline, all of whom mourn his passing.  The body was shipped to Green Forest, AR where interment is to be held Friday.” 4


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John T. Mitchell, BBA            July 15, 2023