Frederick William Youmans was born in Forest City in northwest Missouri on January 7, 1866 the son of J.P. and Elizabeth Youmans.  Elizabeth had come by ship from Germany, a voyage taking seven weeks.  Two other boys were born to the family.

When the young boy was six years old the family boarded a passenger liner on the Mississippi River to travel to Arkansas.  It was in December and the Mississippi was frozen at the landing at Memphis where they were delayed with ice building around their vessel for three days.  On Christmas Day they broke free and crossed over to Arkansas.  Their destination was Lewisville and the family arrived in the town in January 1873.

Will grew up in the town.  Then as a young man went to Missouri University four years and to Rush Medical College in Chicago to complete his medical degree.  He first started practice in what was known as Old Lewisville in April 1, 1891.  About two years later he moved to Lewisville where he remained the rest of his life practicing medicine as a kindly, friendly man.  He was known as “Dr. Will” by all who knew him, “not only a splendid physician, but always a friend in need.  His kindness, his understanding and friendliness, as well as his medical knowledge and skill endeared him to all”*.  Known for his late night visits to his sick patients and devotion to their care Dr. Youmans was called upon throughout the county.

On June 10, 1896 Dr. Youmans, married Maud Nance, a marriage that lasted the remainder of his life.  She was affectionately called by all as Miss Maud.  The couple had no children.  Mrs. Youmans was involved in a serious accident in 1905 when an awning fell on her.  She was transported to Texarkana Hospital.  She did recover.

Dr. Youmans was a member of Arkansas Medical Society, the Tri-state Medical society.  He was a charter member of the County Lafayette Medical Society (organized in October 1902) was elected secretary at the first meeting and remained secretary for life.  He was active in towns civic affairs, was Chairman of the Lafayette County Central Committee for many years.  He held the Lafayette position of Lewisville Postmaster for many years.

For one year Dr. Youmans was company doctor for a sawmill.  He was also examining physician for several insurance companies.

Dr. Youmans practiced medicine for more than 45 years in Lafayette County.  He died of a heart attack at the age of 75.  He is buried in Wilson Cemetery in Lewisville, Arkansas.

*Lafayette County, Arkansas Pieces of Its Past and Present: Lafayette County Historical Society. 2001  180

Betty L. Battenfield,  May 2019