Biographical Sketch of Dr. Johnnie Porter Price
September 10, 1907 – May 2, 1988

Johnnie Porter Price was born September 10, 1907 in Cornerville, Lincoln County, Arkansas to John P. and Sena Tidwell Price. John P. Sr. spent his adult life in the coal mines of Alabama appearing in census reports as a coal mine state picker, carpenter and engineer. Young Johnnie began his education as a premedical student at Arkansas Agricultural and Mechanical College in Monticello, graduating in 1927. This was followed by two years of Medical School at the University of Tennessee. He received his M.D. from the University of Arkansas Medical School in 1933 and served his internship at University Hospital in Little Rock. His practice of general medicine and surgery in Monticello began in June of 1934.
For the next 50 years Dr. Johnnie provided medical care for Monticello and the surrounding area. “There were times when he was one of two practicing physicians in Monticello and the load was heavy, tiring and impossible.” 1
From the beginning, Dr. Johnnie involved himself deeply with outside activities that were to help build Monticello and the State of Arkansas. His service to his fellow man went beyond medicine and included religious, civic, political, business and educational pursuits.
In September of 1974, Monticello proclaimed a special day for Dr. Johnnie, a birthday jubilee celebration in appreciation for his first 40 years of giving to the community as a physician and surgeon. Participating in the event were eleven doctors Dr. Price helped through Medical School with his Medical Education Scholarship Fund. Six other students, not doctors, were helped by Scholarship Fund of Dr. Price.
On May 2, 1988 Dr. Johnnie Porter Price died. It was said at his funeral service “Doctor Johnnie’s life meant to us the gift of life.” 2
His remains were buried at Columbia Cemetery, Waldo, Columbia County, Arkansas.

1 Frank Jackson, The Advance Monticellonian, May 11, 1988
2 Funeral Bulletin, First Presbyterian Church, Monticello, Arkansas,
May 4, 1988

John T. Mitchell, BBA
August 17, 2019