Biographical Sketch of Dr. Joseph Guffrey Gladden

August 21, 1887– August 12, 1965


Joseph Guffrey Gladden was the third child (second son) born into the farming family of Henry N. and Frances P. Ramsey Gladden living near Western Grove, Newton county, Arkansas on August 21, 1887. He spent his boyhood on the farm, attending school in Western Grove until entering the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Little Rock, graduating and obtaining his license to practice medicine in 1911. The College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Medical Department of the University of Arkansas merged soon thereafter, circa 1913. Following graduation he returned to Western Grove where he practiced medicine for the next 24 years. On October 18, 1906 he and Willie Claire Carlton from Harrison, AR were married in Boone County.

“SELFLESS HONORED SERVICE: In tribute to Dr. Joseph Guffrey Gladden, the beloved country doctor of Newton County, Arkansas, who served the families of Newton County, Arkansas – day and night- for generations… The name “Gladden” is one that, when our family hears it, always honorably attracts our attention. Our hearts warm at the thought of Dr. J.G. Gladden. Honored be his name.”

In 1935 Dr. Gladden moved to Harrison to be associated with Dr. D. L. Owens in building and equipping the Harrison Clinic, Harrison’s first hospital facility. He was a member of the American, Arkansas and Boone County Medical Associations, and was a Councilor for the Ninth District. He served as a member of the State Board of Health for 20 years and served as its president, and was prominent in educational and civic affairs serving on the educational boards of both Newton and Boone counties and the school boards at Western Grove and Harrison, serving as chairman of the latter. He was honored in 1961 by the Arkansas and American Medical Associations and awarded a 50-year club citation and a life membership in the Arkansas Medical Society.

Dr. Gladden practiced medicine a total of 54 years, 24 in Newton County and 30 in Boone County. He died August 12, 1965 in the Boone County Hospital. He is buried in Maplewood Cemetery in Harrison.


John T. Mitchell

July, 2021