Biographical Sketch of Dr. Nathaniel Coleman Maxey

July 31, 1874 – September 10, 1955


Nathaniel Coleman Maxey was born July 31, 1874 in Timbo, Stone County, Arkansas to John Hale and Sarah Angeline Gilchrist Maxey.  At the time of his birth the farming family had consisted of a daughter, Josephine and a son, Robert E. Lee Maxey.  Soon to join the family after Nathaniel were siblings Olive, Emanuel and Margaret.  Nathaniel spent his early life in the Timbo-Alco area, where he grew to manhood.  As a young man he farmed, than later engaged in the profession of teaching.  The 1914 fourth edition of the American Medical Directory lists him as having been licensed to practice medicine in 1907.  In 1911 he graduated from the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences with an M.D. degree.

Upon graduating he returned to Stone County where he began a lifelong career of penetrating the farthest reaches of the county with his horse and buggy, ministering to the sick and needy, at all hours of the day and night.  “The doctor was acquainted with just about everyone.  He delivered more than four thousand babies during his forty-odd years of ministry, and looked after the medical needs of many of them through two generations.”1

Dr. Maxey and Seddie Franks were married in Stone County on April 30, 1916.  They reared two daughters, Nellie Faye and Lola Maye.

“Stone County’s beloved old-time family doctor, N. C. Maxey, passed quietly away on Saturday morning, September 10, 1955 at 3 a. m. in Allens Hospital at Batesville, bringing to a close forever the era of the old “horse and buggy” medical practice.

Doctor Maxey was beloved, honored and respected throughout Stone County.  His life was a record of ministry in this area, in every respect.”1 He lies buried in Flatwood Cemetery, Mountain View, Stone County, Arkansas.


1      Stone County Leader and The Mountain View Herald, Mountain View, Stone County, Arkansas, Friday, September 16, 1955, p. 1


John T. Mitchell, BBA

March 21, 2020