Biographical Sketch of Dr. William Jackson Hunt
December 13, 1876 – June 8, 1973

William Jackson Hunt was born into the farming family of Gaines J. and Margaret M. Hunt of Lone Beech, Arkansas on December 13, 1876. Growing up he attended the local school and later finished high school at McNeil, Arkansas.
He began his medical schooling at Memphis Medical College but had to return home to work when his funds gave out. He soon built up enough funds to return and graduate in 1902. Upon graduating he returned to Rocky Mound near his birthplace and began his medical practice. He made his calls on horseback or in a buggy, sometimes going as far as 35 miles to see a patient. Many of his fees were paid in barter, such as hogs, cows, peanuts, corn, potatoes, molasses and handmade quilts.
On September 3, 1905 he and Lucy Lenora Stewart were wed in Columbia County. They raised a family of six girls and two boys.
“During his 57 years of medical practice, he delivered more than 2,000 babies, including his six daughters, two sons, and seven of his grandchildren. He never lost a mother from childbirth. His last delivery at the age of 77 was a set of twins at Macedonia.” 1
“He helped to organize the Columbia County Medical Association of which he was a charter member.” 2 He served on the board of the Harmony Methodist Church over 50 years. In 1960 his home community honored him with a special celebration. Among the guests were his first patient and the first and last set of twins he delivered.
Dr. Hunt died on June 8, 1973 at the age of 96 and was buried in Harmony Cemetery near his home. His grandsons served as pallbearers.

1 Columbia County History of Medicine by Corrine Beasley Price
2 The Banner News, Magnolia, Arkansas

John T. Mitchell, BBA
November 16, 2019